Registered sex offender had been selling ice cream to kids

MENTOR, Ohio – An exclusive Action News investigation uncovered the fact that a registered sex offender had been selling ice cream to kids.

Apparently, Michael Gelhausen's past sexual crime against a teen-aged girl didn't stop him from coming in direct contract with neighborhood children.

The Investigator, Tom Meyer, said that Gelhausen (pictured, above) didn't mention his past when applying for the job of am ice cream truck driver.

A woman who asked to be called "Mary" said that her 2 children -- ages 5 and 8 -- have been buying their favorite ice cream treats from Gelhausen. Little did Mary know that Gelhausen was a registered sex offender in Lake County.

"I just couldn't believe it," she said. "I just couldn't believe it.

"I think everyone should be aware that this person who we're sending our kids to with money is a registered sex offender. It's a big problem."

Gelhausen drove an ice cream truck for Chris Fakult, who fired the registered sex offender once he learned of his past offense.

"I just don't want him working with kids and driving the streets," Fakult said.

Gelhausen often worked the streets of Mentor in neighborhoods filled with little kids. By law, he must register every year as a sex offender for 10 years.

Of all the basic jobs to do, parents can't believe that he chose one that put him in direct contact with children -- their children.

"If children were really protected, you'd make sure they couldn't be exposed to this type of person," Mary said. "There's a reason that they have to be registered."

Even though Gelhausen was fired, he could be back selling ice cream for another operator because there's nothing in Ohio law to stop him.