Grandmother released from prison

MEDINA, Ohio (AP) - A grandmother jailed in Medina for hiding her granddaughters from their mother was released on Monday after two of the children turned themselves in.

Social workers took custody of 15-year-old Jessica Fowler and 14-year-old Christy Fowler. A third daughter reportedly is staying with her birth father.

As she left the Medina County Jail, the grandmother, Peg Petitti, said all ever wanted was for the children to be safe.

Petitti, 53, of Brook Park, had been in jail since Wednesday because she had refused to tell authorities where and with whom the girls were staying.

She said she feared the girls would be returned to their mother, Crystal Calvey, who is Petitti's daughter.

Petitti claims her daughter is drug dependent and would endanger the girls.

Social workers on Monday got a court order stripping Calvey of custody after learning she had been charged with child endangering.

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