President Bush plans to spend Labor Day in northeast Ohio

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush will visit northeast Ohio on Labor Day, the White House announced Tuesday.

The president will give a morning speech in Richfield, about 17 miles south of Cleveland, said White House spokesman Scott Stanzel.

The president plans to travel back to Washington, D.C., in the afternoon, Stanzel said.

The exact location of the speech and the topic have not been released yet, but Stanzel said the theme likely will be similar to his past Labor Day speeches.

"The president, on past Labor Days, has spoken about the contributions that working Americans have made to this country," Stanzel said.

The Sept. 1 visit will be the president's 11th trip to the state since taking office a year and a half ago. Bush was last in Ohio on July 4 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight.

The president is not planning to hold a fund-raiser during the Richfield visit, campaign spokesman Dan Ronayne said.

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