Black teacher will continue to teach African-American history

OBERLIN, Ohio (AP) - School officials in Oberlin say they have resolved a dispute over the possibility of a white instructor teaching African-American history at the high school.
A black teacher will continue to teach the course while getting additional training in U.S. government.
The controversy began when a group of parents learned that a white teacher might replace long-time teacher Kurt Russell, who is black. They said a black teacher brings more credibility, compassion and understanding to the topic than a white person can.
Officials said the problem was tight finances forced the district to reduce its social studies department from three teachers to two.
The same teacher had to teach the history class and U.S. government, but Russell was not certified to teach U.S. government.
Superintendent Beverly Reep says Russell is applying for a temporary certification, which will allow him to teach both classes.
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