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43 Forum: One on One with Cleveland Mayor, Frank Jackson

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CLEVELAND, OH (1/16/11) - Harry Boomer talked with the 56th mayor of the city of Cleveland, Frank G. Jackson. He's a native son, an U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War, a former city councilman and he won his first election as mayor when he defeated Mayor Jane Campbell in 2005.  

The two took a glance back at 2010 and a look forward at 2011 and beyond. 

The mayor talked about the recent reorganization of his administration.  He talked about combining 11-departments down to just three to help streamline the process of governing. 

He also talked about a nearly 30-million dollar deficit facing the city. 

He said he has already reduced by 14-percent the cost of running the city. 

He plans to achieve more savings by attrition and other cuts. 

The mayor addressed the CEO of the schools leaving, the new county government's impact on Cleveland, crime and investments being made in the city.

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