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Editorial: Double Dipping

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(WOIO) - The Cleveland Plain Dealer revealed that in an article last week that Mayor Frank Jackson's administration has hired some 27 so-called double dippers since Jackson took office in 2006. 

Double Dippers, if you aren't familiar with the term, are government workers who have retired and are collecting public pensions but have been rehired to government jobs, often the same positions they retired from. 

There are hundreds of these double dippers statewide and the practice is legal but increasingly controversial and for good reason. 

Supporters of the practice, which includes most of those who benefit by it, argue that it doesn't cost additional taxpayer money because if the worker retired permanently, then state and city would have to replace him anyhow. 

But that ignores the fundamental reason that most taxpayers object to double dipping. They don't like it because it's yet another special entitlement for government workers that isn't available to most working people.

In the real world, most folks can't retire with a pension at 50 or 55 like public employees do. And in an ideal world, entitlements like double dipping wouldn't exist.

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