More than 50 dogs removed from Cleveland home

CLEVELAND (AP) - Fifty-seven dogs were removed from a home after neighbors complained of a vile smell coming from the house on the city's west side.
Some of the animals were found roaming the house, while others were caged inside, said Susan Ross of the Animal Protective League of Cleveland.
The dogs were vaccinated and collared and will be spayed and neutered before they are put up for adoption, Ross said.
Forest Willcox said he was finding homes for the dogs and kept the males and females separated.
Willcox's niece, Mary Ann Mackojc, said they have lived in the house for 10 years and this was the first time a neighbor had complained.
Both Mackojc and Willcox voluntarily surrendered the dogs, Ross said.
Justine Kasprik, who lives across the street, said that whenever she sat on her porch and the wind blew, she could smell dog feces and urine.
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