Four teenagers charged with stun attacks on homeless

CLEVELAND (AP) - Four teenagers from the Youngstown area were charged Saturday with attacking homeless people with a stun gun as they slept.
Police said the teenagers videotaped the attacks on at least six homeless people sleeping on park benches or in doorways.
"I've never seen anything like it in 18 years, except on TV," said Sgt. Ray Burner. "Did you ever see the movie 'Jackass?' Well, that's essentially what we're talking about."
The movie and a television series featured potentially harmful stunts that viewers were warned not to try at home.
Joshuah Langenheim, 19, of Youngstown, was charged with assault. Three other teenagers, all juveniles, were released to their parents and will face delinquency assault charges.
Police said they were arrested after their car broke down on a downtown street and another motorist stopped to help at about 3:30 a.m. The teenagers ran, and the motorist talked to a nearby homeless man who told him about the attacks.
The motorist, 35-year-old Joseph Wright, flagged down a motorcycle police officer and told him what had happened.
"Talk about America's dumbest criminals," Wright said. "Their car was broken down in front of the Justice Center, and the camera and videocassettes were inside it."
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