Man busted for making death threats against commissioner

CLEVELAND – Tom Meyer, The Investigator, reported on exclusive details concerning death threats at a busy government building downtown.

It was just a couple months ago that a lone gunman went on a deadly shooting spree at Case Western Reserve University.

Now, Action News has learned that another man threatened a county official, pledging that the Case nightmare could happen again.

Police and prosecutors said that Cuyahoga County commissioner Tim McCormack was the subject of the death threats.

Sheriff investigators said that Kevin Penny allegedly threatened to turn the county building into another Case Western Reserve, referring to the deadly rampage at the Peter B. Lewis Building in May.

Just three weeks before the death threats were made, the county placed security guards at the building's entrances. Also, metal detectors are expected to be installed soon. The increased security was planned well before the McCormack death threats, however.

The sheriff's office said that Penny was apparently upset with the county over mental health services.

After escaping the grasp of authorities for hours after allegedly making the threats, Penny was dramatically captured. Deputies took the suspect into custody at East 13th Street and Euclid Avenue. They said that Penny (pictured after being sprayed with Mace, above) put up a fight when they tried to arrest him. When they put him in the backseat of a sheriff's cruiser, he kicked out one of the windows.

Pending further charges, Penny will remain in police custody.