Bogus police officer back at it again

OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio – A few weeks ago, Action News exposed a man who pretends to be a police officer. Now, Tom Meyer, The Investigator, exclusively reports that the bogus cop is back at it again, this time trying to trick police.

At approximately 2 a.m. one day, Olmsted Falls Police followed a vehicle that they said was going left of center, possibly a drunken driver.

The driver of the car, Thomas Colagrossi, told one of the officers that he too was a police officer.

"He mentioned that he was a police officer from North Olmsted, but he couldn't provide a picture ID," Olmsted Falls Police Chief Jeff Rice said.

Police let Colagrossi (pictured, above) go, thinking he was a real cop.

They investigated further and found out that he lied, so they charged him with impersonating an officer and obstructing justice.

"He was doing it to get out of a traffic situation," Rice said. "Initially, it did work for him."

Colagrossi is the same guy that Action News had exposed less than a month before the traffic incident for posing as an officer and threatening to kill his ex-wife's boyfriend. Sheriff investigators found all kinds of police badges, police patches and guns when they searched his home.

The Investigator caught up with Colagrossi after he was caught the first time, but he refused to answer any questions.

Colagrossi was already indicted on felony charges when Olmsted Falls Police busted him. Now, he faces new charges. For right now, however, he's free on the streets, possibly pretending to be someone he isn't.

Colagrossi also told Olmsted Falls Police that he was a police officer for a downtown food terminal. In reality, he was a guard, and he was fired after two weeks on the job.