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Liar, Liar: Indictment says Judge Bridget McCafferty was not very honest with the FBI

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - New details released on the indictment of Judge Bridget McCafferty.

It appears the feds are turning up the heat on the judge. They just broke it all down in a federal document saying she lied a total of ten times to the FBI.

She lost her seat on the bench last November, losing by almost 16,000 votes. Now the Feds are going into details. They say she lied when she claimed former County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora didn't attempt to influence her in cases in her courtroom.

She lied about former County Auditor Frank Russo ever talking to her about other cases on her desk.

She also said she never gave Russo any special consideration in court cases. Prosecutors say she did.

Are the Feds squeezing the judge to give up more names? Maybe.

So far she has not been convicted of anything. Her trial is coming in September.   

Click here to read all the allegations and the full INDICTMENT.

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