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Editorial Response: Senator Sherrod Brown

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - I am Senator Sherrod Brown responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial.

Of course free enterprise is at the backbone for our economy but, that shouldn't mean that million-dollar profits for wall street hedge fund managers are more important than Ohio's small businesses and the consumers who depend on gas to get to work.

Speculators damaged the housing market. Speculators damaged credit markets. Left unchecked, speculators can do the same to gas prices.

The Ohio Convenient Store Association, representing many independent family-owned gas stations, said the spike in gas prices goes beyond simple fluctuations in supply and demand. 

Far too many businesses and working families are struggling. That‘s why we've held more than two dozen workshops to help more than 1,500 Ohio businesses access the credit they need to hire new workers and why I am working to revitalize Ohio manufacturing. 

We saw what unbridled speculation did to our economy. Small businesses and consumers shouldn't have to pay for wall street's gambling anymore.

Thank you.

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