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43 Forum: New County Government

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CLEVELAND, OH (2/6/11) - This week's 43 Forum's guests are newly elected members of the Cuyahoga County Council. 

President C. Ellen Connally represents District 9 and Dave Greenspan represents District 1.  C. Ellen Connally is a retired Cleveland Municipal Court Judge. 

Dave Greenspan is the CFO of Lean Stream Media. 

In all there are 11-council members. 

Judge Connally, a 31 year breast cancer survivor, decided to run for County Council after years of being off the bench.  They talked about their priorities. 

They mentioned that they were sworn in on January 4th and that the next day they were dealing with the Board of Revisions and other important issues confronting the new form of governance. 

This is the first change of government in more than 200-years in Cuyahoga County. 

They work with the newly elected County Executive, Ed FitzGerald, as a counter balance to his power. 

Discussed were new ethics training and rules now in place to hopefully keep corruption down. 

Also, they talked about region cooperation, not regionalism. 

The conversation also shifted to how the council is going to work with new Ohio Governor John Kasich and his stated plans to reduce funding for the county. 

The two also talked about the 85-hundred people employed by the county and its 1.5-billion budget.

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