Boy who survived mother's suicide out of hospital

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - An 8-year-old who swam to shore after his mother drowned herself and his sister is out of the hospital and living with his grandmother.
Kennetta Lockhart, 32, of Akron, was upset about money problems when she walked down a boat ramp Sunday into 10 feet of murky water with her two young children, police said. Divers found the bodies of Lockhart and her 4-year-old daughter, Kayla Langdon, in Summit Lake on Monday morning.
Lockhart's son, Keonte Langdon, 8, survived and was released from the hospital Tuesday. Relatives and police had found him, wet and choking, sitting in his mother's Jeep near the lake.
Summit County Juvenile Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio approved placement of the boy with his grandmother.
"I just love he is coming home. He's the love of my life," said his grandmother, Hattie Mae Langdon.
Police plan to interview the boy (pictured with his mother and sister, above) about the incident when he is able to talk about it.
Langdon said Tuesday that her grandson was doing as well as can be expected.
"Physically he's doing fine. Mentally, I don't know. He seems like he's handling it," she said.
She vowed to keep him so busy that he will be too tired to think of the events of the last few days.
"It's been overwhelming ... I just want to get back to a normal life. I just want to get him back to a normal life and let him know that this wasn't his fault," she said.
She said she will keep Keonte focused on school and involved in as many activities as possible.
Lockhart had left a letter Sunday night on her mantel saying that she could not go on and had had enough, Langdon said.
The Summit County medical examiner ruled Lockhart's death a suicide and her daughter's a homicide due to drowning.
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