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Editorial Response: Steve Lyons

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Hello, my name is Steve Lyons. This is in response to Bill Applegate's recent editorial.   

Senate Bill 5 is bad for workers and bad for Ohio. The far right politicians would like you to believe this is just about finances. The truth is that government bodies can sit down with local employees and work out a new financial package if that is what's needed. Recently government workers and teachers across Ohio have agreed to pay freezes, furlough days, and increased health care costs to prevent layoffs and allow for additional  financial reserves, while working to preserve quality services and education.

Senate Bill 5 is designed to eliminate collective bargaining which has been in place for 27 years and silence the voice of the workers. Senate Bill 5 is about breaking up organized labor which is the backbone of the middle-class, hard-working, blue collar employees such as myself.

How ironic is it that a government "of the people, for the people" democracy seems to be trying to quiet the very voices of those who provide the services and education to its citizens. 

Thank You.


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