Gets Action: Downtown apartment building managers slapped with 78 code violations

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News is getting action after an investigation into the Chesterfield Apartments downtown.

Earlier this month, people who live there gave us an up-close look at nasty living conditions.

Now city hall inspectors are getting involved and what they found - simply shocking.

We came to the Chesterfield last Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday workers were feverishly cleaning the mess and putting debris into a basement dumpster. The City of Cleveland Building and Housing Department came to inspect on Thursday. Despite the clean up inspection records show multiple violations were found.

Some unhappy residents of the Chesterfield led us on a tour of the conditions on floors above them. Mold growing on walls, standing water on the floor, ceiling tiles soaked and fallen to the floor.

In one apartment so much humidity that windows and even the camera lens steam up. In another windows open to winter air. Then there is the ever present well, green stuff.

The city reports list those violations as well as ones we didn't see - roaches for one, plumbing not sealed that could let water leak from one floor to another.

"We did through this inspection identify a number of code violations. Some of them we're gonna want to see fixed sooner rather than later. Some smoke detectors and self closers on fire doors," said assistant building commissioner, Ron O'Leary.

One of those complaining to us was Elizabeth Hamm who made it clear she loves her apartment, the lake view and the urban feel but not the conditions above.

"This is as good as it gets but the rest of the building I'm scared to be in all of the time," said Chesterfield resident, Elizabeth Hamm.

Management told us "direct dialogue with residents is the best way to resolve property management issues."

The direct dialogue was to invite Hamm to walk away from her lease because she contacted us.

The city records were completed this afternoon and show 78 violations. But that number is somewhat misleading because many of the violations were found in apartment after apartment.

Property managment released the statement below to 19 Action News

"The property management at the Chesterfield Apartments has yet to have the opportunity to review the city's inspection report. We are frustrated the City of Cleveland provided a member of the media with this report prior to notifying us of its contents. A member of the Chesterfield management team was on hand during the inspection last week and is working closely with the city to resolve any outstanding issues. Additionally, we've been in communication with those tenants who recently expressed their concerns and are doing everything we can to deliver a high-quality residential experience to all of our residents."

Philip Pennellatore, The Chesterfield Apartments Spokesperson

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