Even doctors surprised by boy's recovery from fall

MACEDONIA, Ohio (AP) - When a 15-year-old Summit County boy walks into Nordonia Hills High School on Wednesday, he'll do it without a walker or a cane. Sixteen months ago, doctors in Akron thought he should have been dead.
In April of 2002, Brian Norsic was walking along the top of Brandywine Falls (pictured, right) in Cuyahoga Valley National Park when he fell 60 feet and smashed his skull on the rocky creek bed.
When he arrived at the hospital, his prognosis was not optimistic. Some medical staff thought that it would be only a matter of time before he would die.
But Brian defied the odds by miraculously surviving a large blood clot on his brain and waking from a 2 1/2-month coma.
Except for a slight limp, tremors in his hand and slowed speech, Brian is
winning the fight to get his life back.
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