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Listen Here: Feds release tapes used as evidence in McCafferty trial

The U.S. Government is now releasing the audio tapes put into evidence against former Cuyahoga County Judge Bridget McCafferty during her trial last week in Federal Court.

The Feds wanted Bridget McCafferty to be their star witness against the likes of Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo.

She said no.

Former Judge Bridget McCafferty, former County Auditor Frank Russo, former County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and former D.A.S. Construction CEO.e.o. Steve Pumper are heard on the tapes. The telephone calls were secretly recorded over eight months by the FBI.

McCafferty lied to FBI agents at her home in 2008 when she denied Russo and Dimora ever tried to influence her concerning cases in her courtroom.

RUSSO:I understand very thoroughly. I understand thoroughly.
MCCAFFERTY:But as soon as it gets reinstated I will make sure I set it for a hearing that it will get some personal attention.
RUSSO:Ok. Great. You are one in a million.
MCCAFFERTY:I have my eye on the file. I just wanted to make sure you knew.
RUSSO:Ok. Thank you so much.

During a second call the feds say Jimmy Dimora is telling his buddy Steve Pumper that he's already talked to McCafferty about Pumper's lawsuit in her court. Pumper wants it settled for $120,000.

DIMORA:I had a nice talk with Bridget.
DIMORA:To let you know what is going on with that.
STEVE PUMPER:Ok. That's great.

The case eventually settled for $190,000 but shortly after McCafferty calls Pumper to make sure he's O.K. with the higher settlement. She never called the other side of the case.

MCCAFFERTY:I was trying to get it out at 175 but I couldn't get it done.
PUMPER:Ya, that's ok. You did a great job for me so I appreciate that.

Russo and Pumper have already pled guilty to corruption charges. Dimora's trial is set for September.

McCafferty was found guilty on all 10 counts of making false statements.

She will be sentenced June 2nd.

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