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Exclusive: Investigation complete in extreme animal abuse case

19 Action News was the first to break the extreme case of animal abuse at a cattle ranch in Texas - workers killing calves with pick axes and hammers.

Now, investigator Scott Taylor has another exclusive on this investigation that has captured worldwide attention.

The criminal investigation by the Castro County Sheriff's office has just wrapped up into the E6 Cattle Company Ranch.

Investigators are focusing in on employees who viciously subjected these animals to torture you don't wish on your worse enemy.

Hidden cameras caught it all and Mercy for Animals handed the video over to 19 Action News to show the world.

The ranch buys calves from dairy farms all over the nation and then sells them back to dairy farmers including those in the Midwest to produce the milk you drink. Thousands of calves call the E6 ranch home.

The sheriff's report will be in the hands of a district attorney in Texas by Friday morning. We'll keep you posted.

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