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New Home: Calves abused at Texas cattle ranch have a new place to live

19 Action News has new details on a previous exclusive cattle ranch abuse story.

19 Action News Investigator Scott Taylor broke this story last month, now there's terrific news to share.

A total of four calves have been rescued from the ranch and for the first time we are hearing from the guy who helped expose all of this shocking animal abuse.

Last month, 19 Action News exposed animal abuse the world has never seen before on a cattle ranch in Hart, Texas.

More than 10-thousand calves call this home and some were attacked with pix axes and hammers in a barbaric attempt at euthanasia.

Mercy for Animals gave 19 Action News Investigator Scott Taylor the exclusive undercover video shot by a male called "Roy."

Roy at Mercy for Animals tells 19 Action News "The first euthanasia method that I was shown is a hammer.  I was hired as a carpenter. We have carpentry hammers.  This guys show me he takes the hammer and beats them at the back of the head.  Wack. Some of the calves will keep breathing for awhile and twitching and moving."

Mercy for Animals teamed up with the folks from the Gentle Barn Sanctuary out of California.  Roy paid the cattle ranch ten bucks a piece for the calves but could only take 4 of the 10,000 calves on the ranch.

The calved are now on the west coast with Gentle Barn, away from the abuse back in Texas. Ellie Laks of Gentle Barn tells 19 Action News "I feel devastated that this is happening and I feel I will work my fingers to the bone and I will work til the end of time to try and stop it."

The calves are all settled in, with the new names Ari, Roy, Bob and Mercy.

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