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Editorial Response: Tony Myles

Hi, I am Tony Myles responding to Bill Applegate's editorial on Osama Sleeps With The Fishes.

When our country cheered the assassination of Osama bin Laden, what we really cheered was the false hope that death is an answer to death. Unfortunately, it resolved nothing.

Families still mourn lost loved-ones from 9/11 and our country can't seem to tell the difference between establishing justice versus celebrating vengeance.   By killing a terrorist and wrapping a flag around it, we've attempted to let patriotism govern our morality…instead of the other way around.

Shall we merely celebrate the death of the wicked or shall we take the next step and turn from our own wicked ways? Each of us has the potential to do as much harm as we have to do great good.  

While the broken world we live in involves making imperfect choices in response to clear dangers, the line separating good and evil passes through your heart and mine.  If we don't take stock of our own inconsistencies, we will become numb to choosing better options that lead to true restoration.   Surely there is a better way.

Thank you.


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