Ongoing: The battle continues for those against Senate Bill 5

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - Those fighting against Senate Bill 5 didn't give up when it was passed into law.

Now, activists have launched a campaign to get a referendum on the ballot this November, to give voters a chance to repeal it.

"We Are Ohio" volunteers took advantage of the high traffic on a beautiful day in downtown Medina hoping to add to their growing petition to get Senate Bill 5 on the ballot, giving voters a chance to have their say.

The bill would limit collective bargaining, but Ohio Governor John Kasich says the bill will make Ohio more business friendly.

 Click here to read the actual bill for yourself.

Other helpful links:

  • Click here to see where you can sign the petition and read information provided by We Are Ohio, a group opposed to SB5.
  • Click here to go to the Governor's website for articles and information he's presented on SB5.

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