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Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald has appointed a medical examiner

Dr. Thomas Gilson is County Executive Ed Fitzgerald's $225,000 a year choice to head up the new county Medical Examiners office, an agency Fitzgerald believes was tainted in its hiring practices during the tenure of political hack Patrick Coyne.

Coroner Frank Miller said he hired Coyne on the orders of Prosecutor Bill Mason, something Mason denies.

Insiders are livid over what they say was the access Dr. Gilson was given to the office on Monday. He's not a county employee but they say he had the run of the place.

According to the county, he had was a temporary pass and was escorted the entire time but a memo from Dr. Andrea McCollom leads you to a different interpretation.

It talks about Hugh Shannon wanting Dr. Gilson to have access to the building and directs an employee to "please have a swipe key with full access ready by Monday." And "he will need a master key and any other keys that Dr. Miller may have."

Remember it's the same building where evidence is collected from serious crimes, where it is analyzed and stored. Property, including cash from cases is also stored there.

Should a man not yet hired have that kind of access? Also county council hadn't voted to approve Gilson on Monday and some resent what they see as Fitzgerald disrespecting their authority.


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