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City's tornado alert system not a hit with all residents

The cleanup from that wicked weather that rolled through last night is underway.

The damage included downed trees, power lines ripped apart and roofs damaged.

The storms set off tornado sirens in several counties but not everyone heard them as those dangerous storms roared through.

So 19 Action News is asking the tough questions tonight.

Other than a video shot by Amanda Bruse, Brunswick residents had no warning that a tornado was forming nearby.

"We just went through one person through another person and watched the news," said Amanda Bruce.

The city no longer has sirens and some parents say the city's new alert is striking out.

"It's a little bit dangerous especially when you have kids out here playing baseball and all their parents are sitting out here and none of their parents aren't answering their phones and they usually don't they're watching their kid play," said a concerned parent. "It's always reassuring to hear the sirens."

City officials say hackers kept tripping the sirens so the city went to a system called Code Red. You get an automated call warning you of severe weather. Most residents were signed up through homeowner registration and it was a home run for some.

"Our house got a phone call. Your house did get a phone call? Yes house and cell phone," said a Brunswick resident.

But if you were missed, you have to signup, which is something Amanda plans to do after witnessing this.

 "This is a tornado forming and we are watching it," said Amanda Bruce.


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