Brunswick teachers who knew about co-worker's sexual relationship with student won't face criminal charges

BRUNSWICK, OH (WOIO) - Kelly Covic was led from court weeping, the Brunswick teacher who had sex with two middle school students. But her going to prison isn't the end of the case. What about teachers who knew about what was going on and didn't report it?

Ohio law makes teachers and others who supervise children the primary reporters of sexual abuse. Two teachers in Brunswick didn't do that. This is a case that is two years old, prompting some to wonder, why the delay.

"I knew what I was going over there to do," the victim said during questioning.

"How did you know it?" the prosecutor asked.

"Cause we talked about it before," the victim replied.

The inappropriate relationship that might never have come to light if not for a mom seeing her son dropped off by Covic.

But the crime should have been discovered and stopped earlier. Two teachers at Edwards Middle School knew something was going on. None reported what they knew to the principal. Two months, later they admitted what they knew when the principal confronted them.

One of the damaging after effects of the Kelly Covic case is that until the two teachers are disciplined or cleared there is no closure for parents. Some are skeptical given the long delay that anything will be done.

Prosecutor Dean Holman told us at the time that it took a year to investigate the Covic case and present it to the grand jury. Now we've learned that no criminal violation was found in the two teachers staying silent. They won't have to answer in court. District discipline would be next. That puts the ball in the court of Superintendent Mike Mayell, who told 19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky that he's waiting for an opinion from the State Department of Education on what to do next.

"This is a very sad situation. I mean, I've been sick to my stomach," Supt. Mike Mayell said on June 9th, 2010.

Superintendent Mayell has been forthright, but the delay is prompting repeated emails to 19 Action News. One mom summed up what a lot of people are thinking, "They should be disciplined for not following the first responder rules and turning this in as soon as they heard it."

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