Editorial: Kucinich jumps the shark

What is it with our peripatetic west side Congressman Dennis Kucinich? I mean, clearly he has that "watch me make a fool of myself again and again" gene. We know that, but now he has quite simply, as they say in today's parlance, "jumped the shark."

Dennis' Congressional District, you know, is going to be re-drawn next year and rather than face a new set of voters who might not be as tolerant of his antics as his current constituents have been, well, Dennis has gone shopping for a new place to live. And no, not just in another Cleveland neighborhood, but clear across the country. He spent last weekend in Washington State where he flipped pancakes at a Democratic party fundraiser and visited the campus of the University of Washington. And, he's been to the state several times in recent months.

Now Dennis says he hasn't made a final decision yet, but you know Washington State is a place where leftist crackpots appear on every street corner and it's perfect for a politician like Dennis Kucinich who cares more about his own theatrical career than he does the people.

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