Black bear believed to have hibernated in Twinsburg for the winter

TWINSBURG, OH (WOIO) - Developing news out of Twinsburg where wildlife officials believe a black bear hibernated for the winter.

A naturalist snapped photos of what appear to be bear tracks in the snow in Twinsburg's Liberty Park back in February.

Officials believe the photo means the bear settled down for the winter in the park.

19 Action News has learned a few Twinsburg residents claim to have spotted the bear in various parts of the city.

If you happen to encounter the bear, follow these safety tips:

  • Remain calm and avoid sudden movements.
  • Give the bear plenty of room, allowing it to continue its activities undisturbed.
  • If you see a bear but the bear doesn't see you, get out of the area quickly and quietly.
  • If a bear spots you, try to get its attention while it is still farther away. You want it to know you're human so talk in a normal voice and waive your arms.
  • Remember that a standing bear is not always a sign of aggression. Many times, bears will stand to get a better view.
  • Throw something onto the ground if the bear starts to chase you, as it may be distracted  and allow you to get away safely.
  • Never feed or throw food at a bear.
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