Gas prices are keeping some Clevelanders home for holiday

About 35 million Americans will be hitting the road this weekend for Memorial Day but the high cost of gas has some saying, "No thank you, I'll just stay home."

They play to save a few bucks and just BBQ in the back yard.

"We'll definitely stay close to home because it's too expensive to go anywhere," said one Cleveland resident.

"Well gas prices are going up so we're just gonna stay around here," said another Cleveland resident.

Even though gas prices are down a little from last week, we're still feeling pain at the pump. 

Dan Lopinski and his wife drove down from Chattam, Ontario.

"We wanted to see the Rock Hall so we came down here to take a look at it," said Dan Lopinski.

But you won't hear Dan complain about our gas prices. Compared to where he's from, this is a bargain.

"I gotta tell you guys, $3.89 here it's a bargain. It's $5-$6 at home," said Dan Lopinski.


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