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This weeks record rain could cause big problems for homeowners


With the record rainfall we've seen this spring some people in East Cleveland have a bigger problem, a dam that could fail under all the water potentially washing into homes and causing major flooding.

A high run off has already collapsed the dam on the Chagrin in March now the Department of Natural Resources is concerned up to 100 lives could be threatened in East Cleveland if the Forest Hills dam were also to give way, it's a structure few people even know about.

"Anytime there is a structure that could cause a loss of life the city is concerned about it," said Mayor Gary Norton.

State authorities say the dam has not been inspected in years and has several deficiencies, so just how big of a threat is it?

Worst case scenario, a torrent would rush over this spill way down this flume and submerge the park where tonight, hundreds of students from the Cleveland School of Arts celebrated a homecoming line up.

Mayor Norton says such a torrent would have to be of biblical proportions.

"I don't know of any rain naturally occurring that would do that," said Mayor Gary Norton.

The city's service director says there are no homes within a 1000 feet of the dam and there's huge culvert that would catch excess water.

In fact the mayor says Forest Hills Park would have be to submerged under 20 feet of water for such fears to be realized.

"A huge amount of water something that would come with a hurricane, then folks down river might be at risk," said Mayor Gary Norton.

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