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Sunscreen myths and facts

There are three facts about putting on sunscreen you probably didn't know.

Is the more expensive stuff better?

How soon before going in the sun do you need to apply?

And how much should you put on?

You may not be thinking about sunscreen on a day right now, but we know we'll need it for the rest of the holiday weekend.

And according to Dr. Elliot Love, a skin cancer specialist with Metrohealth, spf 30 is what you need.

"An SPF 30 or greater, you're blocking approximately 96-percent of the suns harmful rays at that point," SAID Dr. Elliot Love.

Now the facts you may not have known. Like surely the more expensive a sunscreen is, the better it is?

"I don't think there's necessarily any added benefit you get by buying a super expensive sunscreen over something you can find at a CVS or a Target," said Dr. Elliot Love.

 And what about timing? does sun screen work the second you put it on?

"It's never a good idea you know, get right to the beach and apply the sunscreen right then and there and think that you are protected for the rest of the day. Because it does take some time to absorb into the skin," said Dr. Elliot Love.

Only sunscreens with zinc or titanium work right away. Others take 15 minutes to work.

But now how much is enough? It may surprise you but you should really put on one ounce. That's about as much as it takes to fill a shot glass.

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