One million pool drain covers have been recalled

One-million pool drain covers have been recalled just in time for summer.

Pool drains have 500 pounds of vacuum force and that's why they need drain covers so swimmers don't get trapped underwater by suction.

The consumer product safety commissioner CPSC says it caused a dozen deaths between 1999 and 2010. Some of the recalled drain covers weren't rated correctly so they may not protect you.

Kids are most at risk which is why they are really urging public kiddie pools and wading pools to respond immediately to the recall.

In ground spas are also at risk.

Faulty covers have to be replaced or retro fitted and it could be an issue if you have a pool in your backyard too.

If you're a private pool owner you can get more information at 866-478-3521 or

The faulty covers were sold between 2008 and April of this year.