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Using your cell phone could be leading you to a slow death

You might want to reconsider making your next phone call, this after a global panel of experts say your cell phone could be killing you.

Before this study, the World Health Organization assured everyone that cell phones were safe to use, Tuesday everything changed.

According to the World Health Organization, cell phones are possibly carcinogenic to humans.

 Researchers were very careful with their language saying only that cell phones "may possibly" cause cancer and putting cell phones in the same carcinogenic category as lead and engine exhaust."

Dr. Andrew Sloan is a respected neurosurgeon oncologist for University Hospitals.

He points out that cell phones are now listed in what's called category 2-B.

"That's not like cigarettes and asbestos, which is Category 1. It's more like gasoline and pesticides," said Dr. Andrew Sloan.

Cell phones emit low doses of microwave radiation. And it's proven that type of radiation can actually heat up your brain.

"There was a study several months ago showing it actually increased the temperature and metabolism of the brain where the cell phone is held, so it is a little bit scary," said Dr. Andrew Sloan.

Dr. Sloan says he still uses a cell phone but he doesn't overuse it. He suggests holding your phone at least an inch away from your head. And use the speaker phone function instead of Bluetooth.

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