Low life involved in brutal beating of teenage couple sentenced to prison

UPDATE: A low life sentenced to prison for his role in the horrific beating of an 18-year-old and his girlfriend.

Kwmaine Carter was sentenced to six years in prison.

On October 27th, the victims, an 18-year-old girl and her 18-year-old boyfriend, got off the bus near Memphis Avenue and West 50th Street in Cleveland.

As they were walking, they saw several males at a corner store and began to cross to the other side of the street. One male began to yell lewd sexual comments to the teen girl. The girlfriend stepped in front of her boyfriend as one of the defendants was arguing with her boyfriend.

The girlfriend got punched in the eye and fell to the ground. The boyfriend was defending his girlfriend when he got punched and fell to the ground. Several males were now present, including Carter's co-defendants, 19-year-old Jose Infante and 19-year-old Brandon Carter of Brooklyn.

The boyfriend was being assaulted on the ground; the girlfriend tried to pull the thugs off, but they grabbed her by the hair and dragged her away. They then held her down and stepped on her hands with their boots.

Good Samaritans noticed the brutal beating, and came to the couple's rescue.

The boyfriend was transported to Fairview hospital and lifeflighted to Metro. He suffered significant injuries including: a broken jaw, nose, and orbital socket.

On May 11th, Carter pleaded guilty to felonious assault and attempted felonious assault.

Trial for Jose Infante and Brandon Carter is scheduled to begin on Monday.

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