Two months after her prank, Cleveland's April Fool is sentenced

She caused a city hall panic that sent rescue crews and co-workers scrambling.

So what is the punishment for this Rhodia Wallace, A.K.A. April fool?

Judgement came in June for Wallace. She seemed nervous and out of place sitting among a more hardened crowd but make no mistake what she did could have had disastrous results.

Back on April 1st, rescue crews rushed to city hall, fully armed after she called her boyfriend and said there had been a shooting and she was hiding under her desk. He called 911. She tried to un call, but it was too late.

Because police and fire responded, Wallace's phone call cost the city big time and actually cost her very little. Oddly, more often when a prankster's call leads to lawsuits not criminal charges does the prankster have to pay up big time.

Rhodia not did go to jail and because she had no prior record she qualified for a diversion program.

If she completes the three month program her record will be wiped clean.

In the past, phony obituaries and press releases have been retracted and lawsuits settled for big bucks.

Rhodia Wallace got off easy by comparison.   

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