East Cleveland girl's murder case reopened, 17 years after her death


It's been 17 years since 11-year-old Bianca White was stabbed to death.

She was murdered while doing her homework in her Penrose Avenue home, stabbed 38 times.

Her killer is still out there and police are now re-opening the investigation.

"She wanted me to pick her up from school and I couldn't, that haunts me," said Sherry White. "I was like totally devastated I had no idea who would want to come into my house and do a heinous thing."

Cops say someone Bianca knew killed her and by the time her mother got home, the little girl had bled to death.

Police say evidence that was missed has been sent to the coroners office for a DNA hit. Even Bianca from the grave is providing new information.

"There was some key points of evidence that I was able to find just going through the case file," said Sgt. Scott Gardiner. "There was definitely a struggle and Bianca had defensive wounds on her hands so she was definitely in a struggle in a fight with her attacker."


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