Prosecutors reject plea deal on day one of accused serial killer Anthony Sowell's trial

A mysterious start to the trial for accused serial killer Anthony Sowell and it came with some back-door talk of a guilty plea.

Anthony Sowell's attorney's did offer to have him plead guilty but prosecutors said, "no deal." In fact, in the past Cuyhoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason has said if any case deserves the death penalty it's this one.

Meantime out of sight the court brought in about 300 possible jurors.

The jurors were all sent to fill out questionnaires and watch the juror video. Next, they met the judge and Sowell himself who was dressed in street clothes surrounded by deputies.

The trial was supposed to start Monday, so why did the court bring in possible jurors early and in secret? The court administrator says he didn't want jurors to assume they'd be hearing the Sowell case.

Monday, June 6th the court will begin the interview process with the jurors and start the actual selection.

Sowell is accused of killing 11 women. He could get the death penalty if convicted.

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