Follow courtroom coverage of the Anthony Sowell Trial, evening Q&A sessions with legal analyst

19 Action News invites you to follow along with coverage of the Anthony Sowell trial.

Our courthouse coverage begins Monday, June 6th. 19 Action News reporters Paul Orlousky and Ed Gallek will be tweeting live from inside the courthouse. You can follow along with their tweets by clicking their Twitter profiles provided below.

Anthony Sowell is accused of murdering eleven Cleveland area women and storing their bodies at his Imperial Avenue property on the city's east side.

Also starting Monday, 19 Action News will be hosting a live webchat Fridays from 4pm-6:30pm with legal analyst Elizabeth Kelley. Kelley is a criminal defense lawyer and radio host for Celebrity Court. She will be hosting a question and answer segment as well on 19 Action News at 10 p.m. nightly.

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