Father, daughter busted in murder for hire plot


Police in Eastlake were able to stop a murder before it happened, thanks to a confidential informant.

Cops say the informant told them that while chatting over the Internet with Christine Metter, it was brought up that she was upset about issues with her ex husband David Metter. The informant jokingly told Christine that a hit man should be hired to take care of the problem. Then a short time later Christine asked for the informant to call her and she then set up a dinner meeting with her father, Al Zombory, and the informant.

At the meeting Mr. Zombory notified the informant that he wanted his son in law, David Metter, killed. During the conversation a price of was agreed upon and later in the investigation Mr. Zombory was told that a man was contracted to kill his son in law.

The man that was contracted was actually an undercover officer from the Eastlake Police Department. The victim's local jurisdiction was contacted as a precaution to ensure for his safety.

A meeting was set up with the officer, informant and Mr. Zombory and all the arrangements and agreements were put into motion. Mr. Zombory was asked several times if he wanted to go through with this and he responded yes each time.

On June 3rd Mr. Zombory and Christine Metter met with the undercover officer and were shown a photo of the victim which was doctored to appear that he was deceased. The undercover officer was provided the final payment as agreed.

They were then arrested for conspiracy to commit aggravated murder.

Both Christine Metter and her father, Al Zombory, made their first court appearance Friday in Willoughby Municipal Court. Their bond was set at $500,000 each and are set for a pre-liminary hearing Tuesday June 7th at 1pm.

They both remain in jail.

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