Imperial Avenue victims family members rally on Day 1 of Anthony Sowell's trial

Family members of the victims rallied Friday night to remember their loved ones and remind us all of their pain.

It has been a long two years for the demonstrators of Imperial Avenue.

"What are we hear for? Justice!" yelled one demonstrator.

Marching in place...crying for justice.

"When do we want it? Now!" yelled one demonstrator.

The people present at Friday rally all want the same thing, they want accused serial killer Anthony Sowell found guilty and appropriately punished, for murdering 11 women.

"Damn shame 11 women had to die," said one family member.

Activists at the rally criticized police for not taking the victim's reports seriously. And there was criticism of society at large for marginalizing the victims, all of whom were female, poor and black.

"We have to demand that when sexual assaults happen they are investigated," said one activist. "We have to demand that when someone reports a missing person that is not ignored because of race or class."

Family members of the victims also spoke about their pain.

"It hurts so bad, thank you for your support," said a family member.

And how their suffering might never go away.

"It will never, ever leave us."


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