Teens rescued from Cuyahoga River

KENT, OH (WOIO) - Three teens were rescued from the Cuyahoga River Saturday after a strong current kicked in sending one down river.

Kent Police Dispatch received a call around 7:39 p.m. Saturday stating that a teenage male was in the Cuyahoga River in the area of Tannery Park when a strong current took him down the river.

Officer James Ennemoser responded to the scene and threw out a line to the teen, who was able to grab it. The teenager was pulled to safety along with a female and another teenage male who had went into the river to try and rescue their friend.

The first teenager was checked out by Kent Paramedics before being released to an adult guardian.

The teenage male and several friends were swimming in the river which is very dangerous at this time of the year due to heavy rainfall this spring.

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