Judge carefully outlines death penalty procedure in Day 3 of Anthony Sowell trial

Day 3 of the Anthony Sowell trial continues, as potential jurors are still being seated.

There were about 16 jurors in the courtroom Tuesday morning.

Sowell walked in at 9:15AM, and Judge Ambrose stepped in seconds later.

There were no family members of the victims present, and there were no family members of Sowell present.

Judge Ambrose spoke for about 15 minutes, explaining to potential jurors the specifics of how a trial works.

He spent a long time explaining death penalty procedure, even if potential juror is against the death penalty, they can still serve if they feel they can put personal feelings aside to render an impartial verdict.

Sowell did nothing the entire time but sit with his hands folded.

Media was then excused from the courtroom.

Monday, 19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek learned Sowell's stepmother died about a year and a half ago.

Sergerna Sowell owned the Imperial Avenue home where the eleven victims were found.

She'd been moving among nursing homes and hospitals, and had no knowledge her stepson had turned her property into a killing field.

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