Teen Attacked: Stray dogs becoming a big problem on Cleveland's east side

A teenager was attacked by a pack of wild dogs on Cleveland's east side and now people in the neighborhood say stray dogs are a growing problem.

It happened around 8AM Tuesday on Carson off of East 79th in Garden Valley.

A neighbor called 911, nearby firefighters responded and found 13-year-old Kahmal Darby.

The dogs ran off before Animal Control could get to the eastside neighborhood.

Neighbors are upset that the dogs are still running loose.

"I remember the one time they attacked the one dude who was mowing his lawn," said one neighbor.

A pack of wild dogs has been seen in a wooded area, in a construction zone and even in some abandoned homes.

Residents think that same pack may be responsible for attacking Darby.

"One of them look like she just had puppies she trying to protect her puppies," said another neighbor.

People who have seen the dogs say at least three of them are pit bulls. Cleveland's new law isn't labeling them as vicious because of breed, it's more for the behavior.

The city went to the neighborhood looking for the pack of dogs but they didn't find them so they set out some traps and Wednesday morning they'll be out again, looking for the pack of wild dogs.

Kahmal meantime received 20 stitches at Metro along with a tetanus shot and he is now being monitored for rabies.

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