Unruly man blames vodka-fueled attack on wolf scratch, full moon


BROWNHELM TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - An unruly man blamed the moon after vodka-fueled attack in Lorain County over the Memorial Day weekend.

A friend of 20-year-old Thomas Stroup called the cops after Stroup started to act violent with people and animals at the Timber Ridge Campground.

Upon arrival, Stroup's friend told police Stroup was picking fights with other people and kicked a nearby dog cage after downing vodka.

Stroup was found passed out inside a trailer surrounded by knifes, swords and other edged weapons.

Cops woke him up, only to have a heavily intoxicated Stroup growl at them. He also spoke in a heavy Russian-like accent and had trouble standing.

According to the police report, Stroup threatened to kill the arresting deputy's cousin, Keith. The arresting deputy had no cousin named Keith, and it's unclear to whom he was referring.

Stroup then said he was scratched by a wolf and goes on the attack when the full moon is out.

He has been charged with underage consumption.

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