Video accusing Cleveland cops of brutality mysteriously reappears

A bombshell in the investigation of whether or not Cleveland cops went too far in arresting a man.

The cops say they did nothing wrong but 19 Action News has the jailhouse surveillance video that paints a different picture of what went down behind bars.

It's the same video that a Cleveland Police Lieutenant once claimed "no longer existed."

It shows Jalil Anderson being booked for suspicion of driving under suspension but if you watch closely, he does something that will get him slapped with much more serious charges.

Anderson takes off his belt and throws it onto the counter. It bounces and strikes Officer Martin Lentz who promptly walks around the counter and cuffs Anderson for assault on a police officer. A police supervisor said the belt buckle hit Officer Lentz in the face.

Anderson isn't happy about it and resists and you know what happens next. First three cops are dancing with him, then five.

Anderson claimed police brutality. 

19 Action News caught up with Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath who after discovering the tape, personally delivered it to the Plain Dealer.

"When they went to handcuff him he resisted. In order to handcuff him there was a little bit of non-deadly force used, and that was about the extent of it," said Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath.

McGrath says the officers were within policy in how they took him down but what about that jail supervisor writing in his report that the belt buckle hit Officer Lentz in the face, when it clearly did not?

"That's currently under investigation right now. I didn't have an answer for that," said Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath.

Officer Martin Lentz also happens to be one of four officers accused of assault on a different suspect, two weeks before this incident happened.



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