Emergency response time in Cleveland dog attack coming under fire

19 Action News was first on the case of a teen attacked by a pack of stray dogs and we're staying on top of every development.

Tonight, we're asking tough questions about the delays in help for the victim.

Kahmal Darby was left with 33 stitches after he was almost mauled to death this week by a pack of pit bulls.

His only life line was his cell phone.

911 Dispatcher: "Where are you?"
Kahmal Darby: "I am at Garden Valley please help me"

You can hear Kahmal's pleas for help followed by the dispatcher saying help is not on the way and that police will have to be called. That comes nearly four minutes into the brutal attack.

Kahmal Darby: "Please hurry up! I have been bitten very hard.

Kahmal Darby: "Are you guys on the way?"

911 Dispatcher: "No you need to call police."

Kahmal's mother is in agony listening to the tape.

"You can obviously hear his screaming for help, going crazy and to hear EMS is not coming and they will have to contact police..." said Kahmal's mother.

Today the city released this statement that two minutes passed from the time the call was placed and help arrived. 

19 Action News also played the tape for Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland and she too is in disbelief over the response time.

"I have to research the issue and find out what happened, but certainly a tragedy," Cleveland Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland.

The dogs are still on the loose even though traps were laid for them Thursday.

The dogs are believed to be somewhere near Carson and Garden Valley, the site of the attack, where dogs are known to run free.

But it's also in area filled with young kids enjoying summer break.

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