4-year-old killed in Medina County accident

A four year old girl is dead after a devastating accident.

The little girl was riding a mini motorcycle at a popular local motocross center when she crashed.

According to the Medina County Sheriff's Office the accident happened at the Apple Cabin on Lafayette Road around 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

The girl was riding a motorcycle with training wheels.

"There was a total of three riders on this track. She came around the track. One of her training wheels hit the tractor tires on the side causing her to flip over the handle bars," said Lt. Matthew Linscott, Medina Co. Sheriff's Dept.

The little girl whose name is not being released had every type of protective gear on you could imagine.

But it wasn't enough to save her. She died after she was rushed to the hospital. The number one question Lt. Matthew Linscott is getting is what was a 4 year old doing driving a motorcycle? Even a small motorcycle?

"The parent is the legal guardian of the child. They had the proper equipment. They signed a waiver. Nothing is illegal. No law has been broken," said Lt. Matthew Linscott, Medina Co. Sheriff's Dept.

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