Lake Erie Nature & Science Center to return baby Hawk to Nest


Lake Erie Nature & Science Center is preparing to return a baby hawk to its nest in an old Oak tree in the West Park area of Cleveland. Rehabbers from the Center's Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Program have enlisted the help of Alex's Tree Service to help return the baby to a nest about 50 feet up in the tree.


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The homeowner where the tree is located found the bird on the ground on Monday and immediately called Lake Erie Nature & Science Center for advice. Wildlife Rehabilitation Coordinator Amy LeMonds says an exam of the young hawk, believed to be about 3 weeks old, showed no injuries. The nestling was underweight and very hungry. The fuzzy-headed hawk has been eating well in rehab as the Center staff worked to find a truck or climber willing to reunite the bird with its family.

At least two siblings have been observed in the nest. Although it can be difficult to distinguish the species of a hawk at this age, the Center believes this is a family of Red-shouldered hawks, based on the homeowner's observation and description of the markings on the parent birds.

The attempt to re-nest the baby hawk will take place at noon Friday. The plan is to use a lift truck to place the bird back in the nest, or to climb the tree and raise the bird up by a rope attached to a bucket. Wildlife Director Dave Wolf, who will supervise the operation, says food will be placed in the nest along with the baby to "ease the transition for the hawk family following the stress and commotion of re-nesting."

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