Teen attacked by pit bulls: What really happened when he called 911?

Since we broke the story of the teen attacked by a pack of wild dogs we've heard the 911 calls for help and we've heard from the teen.

Now, we're getting answers about what really happened.

The 13-year old boy who was attacked by pit bulls had to climb a tree to escape and from that tree he called 911.

But the problem is, he couldn't tell 911 where he was and to took an extraordinary effort just to find him.

"When our rescuers got there, the dogs were here at this ball field and the child was back here somewhere," said EMS Commissioner Edward Eckart.

911: "You were bitten by some dogs?"
Boy: "Yes, yes I'm bleeding. I was bitten by three of them."
911: "Okay."

EMS Commissioner Edward Eckart reviewed the frantic call from a boy who'd just been attacked by a pack of dogs.

"Are the dogs still surrounding you? Yes they are, yes they are surrounding me."

13-year old Kahmal Darby was severely injured. He was bitten all over his body, and he said it seemed like forever before help arrived.

But in fact, rescuers got to the corner of Carson and Garden Valley in six minutes. Then, they had to find him.

Kahmal had climbed a tree to escape the three pit bulls. It was a tree you couldn't see from the street.

A few minutes later, rescuers found Kahmal and safely got him to the ambulance. Commissioner Eckart is proud of the job his people did and says criticism is unfair.

"It's very disheartening when things go well and there's still painted as doing something wrong," said EMS Commissioner Edward Eckart.

Meanwhile, young Kahmal recovering from his injuries. He still faces the threat of infection and may have to get a rabies shot.

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