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Mayor Don Plusquellic's plan to save the city more money


The City of Akron and Summit County have found another way to collaborate to save money and improve efficiency.

Mayor Don Plusquellic will send to City Council Monday a request to collaborate with the County for the 2011 road maintenance program, that is usually undertaken by the city and county separately. Other cities are also joining forces with the County for these services because of the cost savings to the participants. Not only are road sealing materials discounted when purchased in bulk, but there are also efficiencies in scheduling work for contractors.

"County Executive Russ Pry, County Engineer Alan Brubaker, and I are continually working together to find ways to trim costs," said Mayor Plusquellic. "One way is to collaborate on projects and services where it makes sense and where there will be significant savings to the taxpayers, by avoiding the duplication of services. This is one such project where we will save the taxpayers' money."

Under the newest collaborative contract for road paving and maintenance, the Summit County Engineer will act as the lead agency for administration of competitive bidding, and Akron will serve as the lead agency for construction and engineering of Akron projects.

Collaboration between the City and the County is nothing new, as the two entities have been working together for many years in an ongoing effort to reduce costs. Areas where the City and County have been successful through collaboration include the merger of the City and County Weights and Measures services, the merger of the City and County Building Department services, and the recent merger of the City and County Health Department services. Additionally, the City's Motor Equipment Division handles repairs for the County's Health District fleet of vehicles, and sells fuel and car/truck washes to County divisions.

Summit County Council previously approved this collaborative effort at their May 16th council meeting.



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