Parma, Parma Heights agree to pool safety services to increase safety, cut costs

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - The Cities of Parma and Parma Heights have agreed to consolidate and share safety services including the jailing of inmates, criminal investigations, traffic-related accidents and investigations while continuing a growing partnership between the communities Police Auxiliary Units.

The formal agreement will be signed by Parma Mayor Dean DePiero and Parma Heights Mayor Michael Byrne at a 1:30 p.m. news conference today at Parma City Hall.

"This is without a doubt a win-win scenario for the two cities," said Parma Mayor Dean DePiero. "More importantly, it's a win-win for the residents of our communities who deserve the best available emergency safety services. This is a giant step in that direction."

Both cities have worked together on safety issues in the past in areas such as mutual aid by their fire departments and police assistance with traffic accidents and traffic control.

"This new agreement takes that sharing to an exciting new level that will increase the quality of police protection for our citizens," said Parma Heights Mayor Michael Byrne. "The flow of knowledge and personnel between our departments is a real bonus, ensuring the ongoing safety of our residents through the use of a sustainable, innovative strategy."

Under the plan, the City of Parma has agreed to accept prisoners that Parma Heights cannot accommodate. There will also be a sharing of resources and training by Parma and Parma Heights Police Detectives for investigative techniques and technology.

"This unique agreement will save our cities money by regionalizing our efforts in an innovative manner," said Mayor DePiero. "The taxpayers will get more bang for their buck as our communities build upon the quality safety services already in place."

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